In the summer of 1987, Harold Clark, the Assistant-Superintendent of Supportive Services for the Hillsborough County Public School District, met with Dr. Raymond Shelton the District Superintendent, to discuss the need to provide additional support for students and teachers in the School District, beyond the ability of the normal tax revenues.  Several states including California, Pennsylvania and other large school districts in northeastern states had already established Education Foundations to partner with the local community and lead fund raising efforts to support public education.

This meeting resulted in the creation of the first Board of Directors to create the “Hillsborough Educational Partnership Foundation”. 

This group consisted of:

  • Judy Lombana
  • Eugen Ymiolek
  • Andrew Lubrano
  • Luis Garcia
  • Dr. Harold Clark
  • Rev. A. Leon Lowry
  • Jack Macmillan
  • Robert Quoerolo

On Wednesday, November 25, 1987, The Tampa Tribune published an article, “Schools Hope to Chalk Up New Programs Through Foundation”, officially announcing our beginning.

The Foundation incorporated in March, 1988 with 501(c) (3) status obtained in 1988. Carteret Savings Bank gave the Foundation its first donation of $100 followed by a donation of $10,000 from Cigna Health Plan. Since that initial gift, the Foundation has raised more than $93 million to support students and teachers in Hillsborough County.

In November, 1988,  Reverend Leon Lowry was named the Foundation’s first President.

The Board of Directors were:

  • Charles Olds
  • Al McLeod
  • Christine Gil
  • Judith Lombana
  • Eugene Ymiolek
  • Sheila Cannon
  • Bill Chamberlin
  • Harold Clark
  • Brooke Cummingham
  • Luis Garcia
  • Bob Gilder
  • Julius Hobbs
  • Molly Lawrence
  • Fred Learey
  • Rev. A. Leon Lowry
  • Andrew Lubrano
  • Cliff McDuffie
  • Yvonne McKitrick
  • Bob Morrison
  • Mary Sue Rothenberg
  • Raymond Shelton

In 1993, the name was changed to the Hillsborough Education Foundation.

Historical Milestones





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